Matthew 28:19-20


The Link of Cullman:  The Link of Cullman is a local mission in Cullman, AL.  It is a faith-based non-profit that is working to break the cycle of poverty through encouragement, education, and employability training.  We accomplish our mission through a variety of programs and services.

The Wellhouse:  The WellHouse is a place extending God’s grace to victims of human sex trafficking. They provide opportunities for restoration through several levels of their program. It begins with the initial call to the crisis line. After a rescue, they employ a multidisciplinary approach as they address all areas of need while also providing a Trauma Informed Care Approach to services. This begins with offering a safe environment where trust begins to grow.

Creator's Fellowship:The Navajo Indians of Gallup, NM are hungry for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  West Point Baptist Church partners with area churches in continued support throughout the year.  Mission projects, Vacation Bible School, and Christmas Shoeboxes.  Creator's Fellowship is a church plant that is effectively reaching the Navajo and discipling them to spiritual maturity.

Haiti's Eden: The people living in the areas surrounding Eden have no significant religious influence in their communities. The Christians among them must walk miles to attend their congregation. This has resulted in a community who is spiritually apathetic and has strayed away from God's path. 
Eden gathers the community around a Protestant church capable of providing solid teaching and the light of the Gospel while reaching out to the lost. The church at Eden seeks to enhance the quality of life in the community by acting as the salt of the world and light in the darkness. 

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