Day 1:

We have made it to the Haiti good news mission house! As always our hosts have been to good to us! We are going to get settled in and start practicing our skits and puppet shows!

Haiti's Eden: ​The people living in the areas surrounding Eden have no significant religious influence in their communities. The Christians among them must walk miles to attend their congregation. This has resulted in a community who is spiritually apathetic and has strayed away from God's path. 
Eden gathers the community around a Protestant church capable of providing solid teaching and the light of the Gospel while reaching out to the lost. The church at Eden seeks to enhance the quality of life in the community by acting as the salt of the world and light in the darkness. 

The Link of Cullman:  This is a local mission in Cullman, AL.  The Link of Cullman County is a faith-based non-profit that is working to break the cycle of poverty through encouragement, education, and employability training.  We accomplish our mission through a variety of programs and services. 

The Wellhouse:  The WellHouse is a place extending God’s grace to victims of human sex trafficking. They provide opportunities for restoration through several levels of their program. It begins with the initial call to the crisis line. After a rescue, they employ a multidisciplinary approach as they address all areas of need while also providing a Trauma Informed Care Approach to services. This begins with offering a safe environment where trust begins to grow.

N. Kika Jamir:  This mission is led by N. Kika Jamir and his wife, Anungla.  They are Nepalese refugees that live in Ft. Worth, TX.  Kika Jamir dedicated his life to becoming a church planter while still in his youth. While pastoring a church in Northeast India, God spoke to him about investing his life among the unreached in South India. Anungla, his wife, also shared this vision. Leaving her prestigious faculty position at college in 2001, Anungla joined her husband Kika in moving to south India. There they founded Neighbor’s Concern Mission International (NCMI) and began serving the city’s large population of Nepalese immigrants. In a short while several churches sprang up among these immigrants.  Applying the same principles in a U.S. context, Kika and Anungla have planted several churches in Texas among the unreached Refugee communities.  God is opening doors to see people that were Buddhists saved.  Recently, a family that Kika has been sharing the gospel with for the last six years accepted Christ.  They had rid their homes of all idols.  The lost are being saved thanks to the support of people investing in this ministry.

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Day 5:

"Yesterday we were able to go to another orphanage full of beautiful little faces! We all loved spending so much time there! We shared the gospel with them and loved on them. Later we made some stops in isolated areas, sharing the good news. We had an adventure in a Haitian traffic jam while heading to dinner and enjoyed some quality time reminiscing on our time together. Today we headed out to visit a local church. We spent some time with the people there and did our skits and puppets for them and some local areas. Tomorrow we will be going to church there :) this afternoon we had a chance to visit the Citadelle and see the beautiful mountains of Haiti. God never ceases to amaze us. Please be praying as leave Haiti tomorrow after church💜" - Jacklyn Keller

Haiti Mission Trip July 2016

Day 4:

"Haitian kids have our hearts" - Koty Trammell


Day 3:

"Is there anything worse than being lost? Yes, to be lost and know no one is looking for you. Meaning eternal separation. - the team is grateful to be here in Haiti sharing the good news. We spent the day visiting a local church and playing with the children there. The rest of our day was spent evangelizing with the puppets and skits. Thank you for your prayers!!" - Amanda Akers

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Day 2:

"It was our first day getting to go out and evangelize to the people of Haiti. Eric Cole led our bible study this morning and then we all headed to the pastors conference where we showed them how we use the puppets as an evangelizing tool. Next we were able to go back to the same orphanage we were at last year. A special thanks to those who donated money for us to purchase so many great things for the children at the orphanage. We did our skits and puppet shows for the children at the orphanage and then stopped throughout the area performing as well. Please continue to pray and thank you to our church family and friends for helping us get here!" - Jacklyn Keller