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Meeting Times:

Sunday Morning

     - Sunday School - 9am

     - Morning Service - 10:20am

Sunday Evening

     - Discipleship - 5pm 

Wednesday Night

     - Youth Bible Study - 6:30pm

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Sunday Mornings:

​ 9:00am - "Your Word is Truth" - A study for youth on seeing all of life through the truth of Scripture


German Pastor and Theologian, Dietrich Bonhoeffer said, "The world upon whom grace is thrust as a bargain will grow tired of it and it will not only trample upon the Holy, but also tear apart those who force it on them. For its own sake, for the sake of the sinner, and for the sake of the community, the Holy is to be protected from Cheap Surrender."

It is this "Cheap Grace" (as Bonhoeffer put it) that is so detrimental to churches today. 

We believe that grace is in fact not cheap, nor is our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We strive to live our lives under the realization of what our sin cost upon the Cross and walk accordingly. 

It is also our belief that the reason Christianity is on the decline in our country is because Students are desperate for the TRUTH of Salvation found in the Gospel of Jesus in its most authentic form and are tired of the bargain that has been sold to them.

It is for this reason that we take the study of Scripture very seriously. It is the goal of WP Student Ministry to prepare our students for adulthood by teaching Salvation is by Faith alone, through Scripture alone, through Christ alone, by Grace alone, for the Glory of God.

Student Ministry

Sunday Nights:

​ 5:00pm - Foundations

Summer Camp 2016 @ SWO

Our Ministry Philosophy

Wednesday Nights:

​ 6:30pm - "Fellowship in God's Family"- A study of the book of 1st John